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We are a group of passionate hard-workers, never tired to keep on researching and developing to provide customers with the highest-grade gaming chairs while maintaining our prices reasonable.
Quality at a reasonable price is our core value and the challenge we accept every day.

Still today, after 19 years, we strive to go even further with our accomplishments in this domain.

Metric IT is a quickly growing Information technology company focused on tailor-made solutions for our clients. No tiered packages walling you off from the service you need, just fast, dependable support at a fair price.

Skullz is on a mission to provide highest quality gear for gamers and esports teams, organizations, and affiliates in the industry while promoting non-toxic behavior, community, integrity, and sportsmanship.

MIXT Energy was designed for those who look to go above and beyond the norm and are looking for a little push to do so. We get it: life has gotten busy.  Juggling school, work, family, exercise, and a social life is a full time gig.  And that’s just who we developed this for.  Those who live a full life but still want more each and every day.
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