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Hey y'all, the mexiCAN who abosolutely can! I'm the head of the Chattahoochee Squad, the one and only!

Gaming for me has always been an outlet for me to get away from the outside world and stress of every day life and have been playing Video Games since I was 5 or 6 years old, starting off playing on Game Boy Color, and playing Pokemon Blue.


I've been streaming on Twitch since July of 2020, and have never had more fun and felt more of a calling, then I do when I am streaming.


The community that I have been able to be apart of and the amazing Chattahoochee members I have met, have been nothing short of a blessing.


But like my little team, I love being on a team, like LTGG. I have nothing but high expecations for LTGG. I hold myself to a high standard, and making LTGG even better than it already is.


I hope that y'all enjoy my content and character, and we can vibe and game together! Long live LTGG!!!